Mokwheel represents a gift, a trophy, but more importantly, a lifestyle. It embodies passion and livelihood, bearing imagination to reality. It expresses gratitude and serenity, appreciating nature for all it’s gifts.



Mokwheel is an innovative technology company who works to incorporate intelligence into bikes, creating a new form of commuting.


Established in 2015 2016-2019 2020-2022

Mokwheel nurtures a rapid momentum with a relatively young and ambitious team to an full-fledged innovation-driven company


Supported with experienced supply chains and multiple craftsmen, we have successfully achieved production on a massive scale aiming to cover all over the world.

We began operations overseas with investments of millions in value and a supporting team of over 200 employees.


Mission: To be the leading force of revolutionizing travel, from a world where cars are the predominate vehicle of choice which causes for 80% of harmful emissions to a new environmental method of traveling adorned by all.