Mokwheel represents a gift, a trophy, but more importantly, a lifestyle.
We create better ways to get around
It embodies passion and livelihood, bearing imagination to reality. It expresses gratitude and serenity, appreciating nature for all it’s gifts.
Mokwheel is a startup that specializes in the creation of intelligent bicycles. We are passionate about helping people to commute faster, more comfortably, and with less effort. We are an innovative solution for getting to work, school, the grocery store, or any other place you need to go quickly, efficiently, and safely.
About Mokwheel Bikes
Moustache is based in the Vosges region of France, home to our childhood memories, our families, and our values. We strongly believe that the strength of a company is based above all on its employees, and we’ve built ours around our complementary skills.
We're not just making bikes smarter, we're making cities smarter too.
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"Better than the best" -The Verge

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